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Welcome to Hammer Fab. Our shop is located in Liberty Hill Texas, just north of Austin. We offer full custom builds as well as fabrication products and services. With over 16 years of experience in the custom automotive industry we are capable of meeting your most complex fabrication needs. Levi Green, the owner of HammerFab, has built a reputation for excellence, quality, efficiency, work ethic, and attention to detail.

"I have played a major role in building cars that have won the Ridler Award (twice), Street Rod of the year (twice), Legend Cup (twice), Hot August nights (twice), Top 75 32 Fords of all time, Street Machine of the year, and Custom Rod of the year." -Levi Green

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After leaving Rad Rides, I moved to Texas to work for CHRA where I was tasked with building yet another Ridler winner for owners Billy and Debbie Thomas of Corpus Christi, TX. It took a little over four years to take this one-of-a-kind car and transform it into the winner you see here. Shortly after winning the 2016 Don Ridler award, the Legends Cup, Street Rod of The Year, Hot August Nights, and a myriad of other awards, It was time for me to open my own shop, Hammerfab. We are still in Texas, ready to help you build and win with excellence.
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It was Billy's dream and goal to win the Ridler Award from day one. Having this mindset is probably one of the most crucial things to have in mind when building a car of this caliber.
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It was such a thrill to see Billy win big after many years of anticipation. That day Billy's dream came true.
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Olds Cool on display at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit.
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There was some very strong competition in 2016 but Olds Cool proved to be the best.
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Jay Schluter did the upholstery in Olds Cool. All of the materials, the swede leather, carpet, canvas top fabric, headliner fabric, satin paint, and even the thread are all carefully selected to make sure they all work together in perfect unity.
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The underside of the car is just as important as the outside and often much more difficult to make both unique, artistic, and fictional.
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While working for Rad Rides I was blessed to be a big part of the 2007 Ridler Award winner, "First Love" built for Ross and Beth Meyers. This logo was custom designed specifically for this build.
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This 1936 Ford 3 window coupe, "First Love" raised the bar for future Ridler contenders. Photo Credit Scott Killeen.
The 2007 Don Ridler Award winner, "First Love" built by Rad Rides by Troy for Ross and Beth Meyers. Ross originally purchased the car for $25.00 when he was nine years old. Over 40 years later it rolled out of a barn and Ross decided it deserved to be turned into the finest 1936 Ford the world had ever seen.
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The judges are very thorough. They have been judging this top award for years on end and know what to look for. Fit and finish, radical altercations, and lack of flaws are some of the main things they are looking for.
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Ross and Beth Meyers' 1936 Ford "First Love" on display in their personal collection in Pennsylvania.