The Difference is in The Details

Welcome to Hammer Fab. We are located in Liberty Hill Texas, Just north of Austin. We offer custom fabrication services and also full builds. We specialize in one-off panels, fenders, roof inserts, door skins, complete bodies, chassis installs, custom floor pans, you name it. With over 15 years of experience in the custom automotive industry and specifically with several award winning cars, we are capable of meeting your most complex fabrication needs. Levi Green, the owner of HammerFab, has built a reputation for excellence, quality, efficiency, work ethic, and attention to detail. He has played a major role in building cars that have won the Ridler Award (twice), Street Rod of the year (twice), Legend Cup (twice), Hot August nights (twice), Top 75 32 Fords of all time, Street Machine of the year, and Custom Rod of the year.

One of our goals is to offer the seasoned fabricator specialty fabricating products that will allow your skills to out-perform the competition by adding details to your work. Our Crater Maker dimple dies add strength to your sheet metal and also make it look better. Our Semi Rigid backer pads have just enough flex to keep your grinding tidy and precise. Use them to gap doors, or just keep your finishing nice and flat. Click
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Our products are made using the latest technologies such as 3D printing, Laser cutting, and CNC machining. All the products that we produce in house are made in America!

Please let us know how we can help with your fabrication needs. Email us at
Firewall Fabrication
Pullmax vs. Bead Roller
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Firewall Fabrication
Pullmax vs. Bead Roller (Digital Download)
Panel Construction
Compound Curves (Digital Download)
Chop Top 1935 Ford Truck (Digital Download)
F-1 T-Shirt
'58 Apache T-Shirt
Quick Lugs
1/4-20 (thick)
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Quick Lugs
10-32 (thin)
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Paint Savers Stainless Steel Washers (with neoprene rubber backing)
$1.50-$6.50 (10 packs)
Aluminum A/N Caps -3 Female (for brake lines)
$1.25 (10 pack)
Leather Metal Shaping Aprons