Learn how to shape metal like a pro

HammerFab is excited to announce our new Metal Shaping Classes! These classes will be taught by Hammerfab owner Levi Green. Each class will be a two day seminar (Friday and Saturday) and will take place at our well equipped and climate controlled fabrication facility in Liberty Hill Texas. Classes will begin at 8am and end at 6pm both days with a lunch break and a couple other short breaks throughout the day. First day will be part class time and part hands on and second day will be mostly hands on. We will be making scale versions of a realistic part such as a firewall, fender, engine cover, wheel tub, belly tanker etc. You will be able to take your panel home with you(except for chop top classes). An extensive study booklet will be provided that pertains to the course that you can take home and refer back to. Lunch will also be provided and included in the seminar price. Now is your chance to learn some of the best techniques of metal fabrication and also some of the finest machinery. If you are trying to decide which metal shaping tools to buy this is a great opportunity to try some out.
Most importantly, this is an opportunity to invest in yourself! Learn how to create the details you love and how to do it in an efficient way that will make you money!
Click the link on this page to reserve your spot now!

  •  Metal Shaping Seminar Pics

    Metal Shaping Seminar Pics

All reservations must be made by payment in advance in order to guarantee your spot on our calendar. There is a 50% cancellation fee (per person) at any time after the date we received your payment. Thank you for understanding.