Billet Tailgate Hinges

PRE-ORDER ONLY AT THIS TIME!  Get your orders in so we know how many to make on this next run.  The longer it takes to get a batch pre-ordered, the longer it will take to get your hinges.  Please expect 2-3 months to receive your hinges.  Thank you for your patience and trust in us. - Hammerfab

These billet aluminum hinges are just like the ones you've all seen on #projectstepitup, Levi's 1958 Chevy Apache Stepside.  These hinges are designed to make the tailgate flush with a 2.5" raised bed floor.  This will NOT make your tailgate flush on a 4", 5", 6.3", or 8.125" raised bed floor!  The geometry of the hinges is NOT adjustable, however, the position they are installed on the truck is adjustable somewhat (but it's limited).  Originally designed to work with 55-87 Stepside bed boxes.  We will also be designing a similar hinge for the 60-66 C-10/GMC Fleetside beds. 

CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum with bronze oil-lite bushings and needle bearing washers, these hinges are a great way to access your custom truck bed while looking good in the process.  No more chains or squeaky pivot points.  These will come in raw aluminum only at this time.  We may offer other finishes down the road.  Instructions on how to install these will be included but may not apply to everyone's situation or bed floor configuration.   Modification to the tailgate is also necessary when using these hinges. 

55-87 Chevy/GMC Stepside Billet Tailgate Hinges
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60-66 C10/GMC Fleetside Billet Tailgate Hinges
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