“Lead Sleds” get their name from all the lead that was used as filler on the roofs after the amateur metal work was done to the chop top. Such is not the case on this 1950 Shoebox Ford. The metal work on this car is so nice that it will barely need any filler at all.



“Everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad”.

Sometimes the seemingly bad things in life are the exact thing that needed to happen in order for things to turn out better in the end. This 1956 Chevy truck project was one that stemmed from the debut of Levi’s 1958 Apache truck at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not one but two people who saw Levi’s truck at the show said they would love for Hammerfab to build them a killer 56/57 version of Levi’s truck.




Matt and Pete (son and father) wanted to learn how to do custom metal work so they signed up for one of our metal shaping seminars that we host here at Hammerfab. They came all the way from Florida to attend a class where we explained how to do the metal work the right way. During lunch break Matt and Pete approached Levi about doing some work to Matt’s 1963 Impala four door hard top. Whenever someone says “Hey, I’ve got classic. Can you work on it for me? Oh, by the way it’s a four door”! Most of the time we car builders cringe unless its a suicide door 62-67 Lincoln Continental or a super rare Paeton or 32 Ford or something like that. The sad truth is that most of the desirable two door versions of all the classics are getting harder to find and very expensive if you can find one. Such was not the reasoning for Matt and Pete wanting to build a four door hard top.



David’s 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon is one cool ride! He has owned this car since Moby Dick was a minnow lol! Back in the 90’s he did it some harm while trying to achieve the status of great builders like Troy Trepanier. This is where he heard about and started following Levi Green of Hammerfab many years ago.

David was one of Hammerfabs’ earliest clients going back to when Levi was the only employee. He’s the type of guy that wants it done right even if it takes longer than expected. “Throw it all away and start over” were his exact words when he delivered the car from Ohio.



1969 CHEVY C10

If you are keeping up with all the C10 trends then you have probably seen or heard of this truck which has been under construction for quite some time. It started at another shop and was brought to Hammerfab to help line out the major fabrication and put that Hammerfab touch on it. The details on this truck are insane! We can’t show them all but here are a few pics to give you a glimpse of how nice this truck is going to be. The goal is to compete for Goodguys Truck of the Year.